HORNGRY is the banner under which I publish my feedism and fat kink content for the community. I'm an artist, a writer, but most importantly: a feedist. And while - like in every kink community - there's a bunch of wonderful kink porn online, I always felt that what I missed most about the community was an outlet that looks at feedism from a different perspective. Being into a kink that opposes so many ingrained societal norms brings its own set of challenges, and that's not always been easy. I want to talk about that! I want to talk about what we can contribute to society, and what society can contribute to our kink. I want to talk about what connects us as people, as human beings and I want to connect with you. <3
This is why I started a podcast about all things feedism and gaining related. The Podcast is for all people who enjoy either being fat or having fat partners. With my amazing cohost Pizzawolf we talk about a variety of topics that are relevant to fat sexuality and feedism, such as fat representation or the history of our kink and of beauty standards in general.
We have interviews with other community members, we talk about food and the restaurant industry, we talk about nerdy stuff as well as human psychology.
The podcast, which is currently in its second season, is weekl-ish. We release around 3 episodes a month, with some additional outtakes and goodies released on our youtube channel.
The webzine is a collaboration of many community members that's mainly aimed at the small subsection of the feedism community that I identify with the most: The BHM/FFA community.
It has a strong focus on kink art and kink writers, as well as some articles and advice columns by several community members.
The BHM/FFA community has been quite a lonely place out there in the chubbosphere, but we're out there, we're growing (pun intended!) and this is just my little step to show all of you, that you're not alone.

"HORNGRY for more..." is the monthly spin-off podcast that branches out into the general feedism and fat positive community, for all genders and orientations. PizzaWolf and I talk about all kinds of fat related topics, current news stories and interview other guests from the community to get their take on everything this kink means to them.

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HORNGRY is 100% free. The main magazine the way I started it and envisioned it is a free PDF that doesn't even require a sign up and the podcast is available for free on youtube, iTunes and soundcloud. I believe in open source information, especially when it helps to build a community.
HORNGRY being free has helped me work with so many awesome people and most importantly - it has helped me reach many more. Keeping it free hasn't always been easy, but HORNGRY will always stay free at its core.
However open access is one thing and supporting projects that are worth an investment is another. I would love for people to contribute and put something back into content they enjoy to keep it moving forward and that goes for HORNGRY aswell.
I'm a fulltime student with all the bills and struggles that go with that. Donations go a long way in helping me pay for the professional software I use (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Audition), it pays the hosting bills for this website and it compensates the almost insane amount of time I put into HORNGRY.
Almost everything about HORNGRY is self made, the website is self-coded, I contact all the people that are in each issue of HORNGRY, I edit all the content, coordinate all the interviews, review all the writing and art, I do the layouts, write some of the articles myself and at the end of the day I put it all together.

What is the end goal?
The money we receive from our podcast patreon backers goes into upgrading the recording equipment and software we have. It also helps both Pizzawolf and me to set aside more time for the production of the episodes. One day, we'd love to get the equipment to also have a video format of the podcast, so you guys could actually see our faces (and those of our guests). We can't do that without some support from you.


You can back the podcast by doanting $1 or more per episoe. Every little bit helps! :)


If you want to contribute your skills, I'm always looking for artists, writers, photographers, chefs and lawyers. So if you want to help, just shoot me a message.

My name is Gabriela, though I go by TenderLovingCares. I'm a fulltime psychology student and kink advocate currently living in tiny ol' Luxembourg. I'm the creator and editor of HORNGRY, as well as other related projects.
I love the community and HORNGRY has always been a complete passion project right from the start in 2014.
As a fellow artist, kink art has a special place in my heart, even though I don't get nearly as much time as I'd like to focus on my own art (except for the HORNGRY covers!).
I don't do a lot of media requests, since I know the damage distorted media portrayal has done to the community, but I have worked with a few selected media outlets, including Vice and am fairly open to work with unbiased scientific researchers on the topics of kink, body image and feedism.